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Café Quindío 100% Colombian Excelso Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee 454g Pack

  • £14.99

Made from Excelso grade beans which are carefully selected from the coffee fincas (farms) located in the mountainous region of Quindío. Because this coffee is grown at a high elevation, at over 1,400 metres, it is characterised by a softness, natural acidity and intense aroma. The manufacturing process combines the traditional methods of cultivation, harvesting, and selection with very modern technology of packaging, quality controls, and logistics to ensure the customers enjoy it fresh. This combination produces one of the finest Colombian coffees anywhere!


  • 100% gourmet Colombian coffee.
  • Aroma: Pronounced.
  • Acidity: Medium.
  • Body: Medium/High.
  • Imported from Café Quindío, Colombia by TBOSA.

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